PROGRAM ONE – Orchestra Concert

Wednesday, July 13, 8 PM

Jessie Montgomery: Starburst (version for string orchestra)

Faure’:  Pavane

Shubert:  Symphony No.5, in Bb Major

Beethoven:  Symphony No.8

PROGRAM TWO – Chamber Music

Thursday, July 14, 8 PM

Cancao Pequena                                                                        Michael Cohen

World Premiere

Vocalise, Op. 34 No.14                                                             Sergei Rachmaninoff

Adagio                                                                                          Michael Amorosi

Kevin Klein, Oboe and Rita Costanzi, Harp

Esquisse                                                                                       Georges Barboteu

Barbara O’Brien, Flute; Luiz Garcia, French Horn; and Rita Costanzi, Harp

Umoja                                                                                           Valerie Coleman

Barbara O’Brien, Flute; Robin Driscoll, Oboe; Mark Kleine, Clarinet;

Joe Merchant, Bassoon; Luiz Garcia, French Horn

Le Api (“The Bees”)                                                                    A. Pasculli/A. Klein

Alex Klein, Solo Oboe; Michelle Sung, Flute; Mark Kleine, Clarinet;

Joe Merchant, Bassoon; and Luiz Garcia, French Horn

Till Eulenspiegel                                                                          R. Strauss

Ole Bohn, Violin; Mark Kleine, Clarinet; Joe Merchant, Bassoon; Jim Thatcher, French Horn; Claudio Jaffe, Cello; and Nic Tsolainos, Double Bass

String Quintet in G Minor, K.516                                              W.A. Mozart


Menuetto:  Allegro

Adagio ma non troppo


Eric Tanner, Violin I; Janna Lower, Violin II; Roger Myers, Viola I;

JJ Johnson, Viola II; and Claudio Jaffe, Cello



Friday, July 15, 8:00 PM

Return of The BBMF 10-Piece Swing Band – ” Shades of Blue”.

Program selections will be announced by Phil Sanborn, Band Leader

Swing Band Members:  Bryan Steele, Alto Saxophone; Arnie Krakowsky, Tenor Saxophone; Karen Sanborn, Baritone Saxophone; Doug Olsen, Trumpet; Bill Kingsland, Trumpet; Phil Sanborn, Trombone; Donn Legge, Guitar; Matt Richard, Piano; Marshall Wood, Bass; and Gary Johnson, Drums



PROGRAM FOUR – Chamber Music

Saturday, July 16, 8 PM

Reverie                                                                                                               Claude Debussy

Alex Klein, Oboe and Rita Costanzi, Harp

Bohemian Cafe’                                                                                                 Stacy Garrop

Michelle Sung, Flute; Jonathan Gunn, Clarinet; Alex Klein, Oboe; Joe Merchant, Bassoon;

Luiz Garcia, French Horn and Robert Skavronski, Double Bass

Quintet Opus 39                                                                                                Sergei Prokofiev

    Tema con variazoni

    Andante energico

    Allegro sostenuto, ma con brio

    Adagio pesante

    Allegro precipitato, ma non troppo presto


Alex Klein, Oboe; Jonathan Gunn, Clarinet; Eric Tanner, Violin;

Roger Myers, Viola; and Nic Tsolainos, Bass

String Sextet #2, Opus 36 in G Major                                                             Johannes Brahms

I.    Allegro non troppo, ma con brio

II.   Adagio

III.  Un poco allegretto

IV.   Vivace ma non troppo presto

Charles Stegeman, Violin I; Rachel Stegeman, Violin II; Basil Vendryes, Viola I;

Roger Myers, Viola II; John Walz, Cello I and Claudio Jaffe, Cello II



PROGRAM FIVE – Orchestra Concert

Sunday, July 17, 2 PM

Overture to Cosi fan tutte                                                                                    Mozart

David Allen Wehr, Piano

Piano Concerto No. 23 in A Major                                                                     Mozart

David Allen Wehr, Piano

Lyric for Strings                                                                                                     George Walker

Symphony No. 41, “Jupiter”                                                                                 Mozart